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Technologies in the service of health

MTM s.r.l. is a private research company based in Milan (Italy) specialising in the fields of Biotechnology, New Materials, IoT technologies & system integration in Bio-Tech and Biomedical sector. The company carries out R&D projects aimed at improving the living conditions of citizens.


Innovation is the focal point of our value creation processes: we are constantly searching for new cutting-edge solutions to offer increasingly efficient solutions in the biomedical field thanks to 3D printing and Virtual Reality technologies. 


We develop use cases and carry out R&D for the Medtech, Biotech, Pharma, I.T. and agri-food sectors: our R&D activities focus on the development and production of software mainly used in the medical and health sector.


We coordinate a network of competences related to ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and Multiple Sclerosis: the aim is to develop a network of professionals who can dialogue with each other to achieve a more effective therapeutic intervention plan.

Why choose MTM?

Software and Hardware

MTM provides new high-tech services, HW systems and IT platforms to enable efficient interaction between citizens and professionals in the health and wellness sector.


MTM has several laboratories where R&D activities are carried out, namely: MaSLab, ESALab, ReP3D Lab, PonicLab, YlikaLab and USInLab.

MTM is part of the SIAS Network

The SIAS NETWORK (integrated services for agri-food and health) is a business network that the company assisted in setting up and in which it assumed the role of partner company. The objective of the business network is to reduce management costs and to guarantee specific operability in the areas of intervention of the network through an adequate think-tank of experts and professionals

Some numbers

MTM has 9 years of experience in the study and implementation of mathematical-statistical models for AI platforms, algorithms, as well as the study and implementation of use-cases for the BioTech and Pharmaceutical sectors.




Our main projects


Development of smart T-shirts equipped with IoT sensors for constant monitoring of health and wellness conditions.

Progetto ROG

Implementation of a graphic interface for visualisation and manipulation of organs to support the diagnostic and training activities of medical staff.


Implementation of an integrated pilot system with monitoring devices functional to the aquaponic production chain for a transition towards circular economy models.