Nearly a month after our investment in Bakipro S.r.l., MTM is pleased to present the key features of this newly established innovative startup today.

In the dynamic and bustling landscape of innovative startups, Bakipro stands out as a pioneering platform aimed at transforming the concept of wellness and home healthcare in Italy. Born from the vision of making body care more accessible and affordable for everyone, Bakipro aims to revolutionize how healthcare services are accessed, with the goal of positioning itself as the first application in Italy dedicated exclusively to the booking of at-home wellness services. The platform under development will directly connect customers with a selection of certified healthcare professionals — including physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, physio-massage therapists, and personal trainers — thereby enabling end-users to book services in a simple, fast, and secure manner.

The essence of Bakipro’s offer lies in its distinctive features of flexibility and personalization. Customers will be able to choose the professional that best meets their needs, schedule appointments wherever and whenever they prefer, whether at home or in the office, and enjoy high-quality treatments with utmost peace of mind. Concurrently, Bakipro provides professionals in the field with a commission-free platform on which to receive bookings and expand their customer base, without additional costs. Innovative not just in its service but also in its loyalty system, Bakipro introduces “dobloons,” a virtual currency that rewards app usage and user loyalty. Dobloons can be accumulated and spent to obtain discounts on future services, subscriptions for professionals, registrations for courses, and purchases in the Bakipro shop, thereby encouraging an active and participatory community.

Ultimately, Bakipro aims to do more than just provide a service; it aspires to create a community where personal care becomes a shared, accessible, and personalized experience. Thanks to MTM’s investment, Bakipro is ready to become a benchmark in the wellness and home healthcare sector, demonstrating how technological innovation can concretely improve people’s lives.