MTM is pleased to announce its participation in BIO Europe 2023, Europe’s most important event dedicated to the biopharma community. The eagerly awaited trade show event will be held at the Trade Fair Center in Munich, November the 5th through the 8th, and it promises to be a triumph for life sciences industry players.

Indeed, the 2023 edition will welcome more than 5,500 attendees and 2,220 companies from more than 60 countries and will offer attendees the chance to take part in more than 27,000 meetings, an unprecedented opportunity for exchanging ideas and building relationships.

In this dynamic context, MTM has the privilege of representing Italy and developing international relationships with potential global partners in the Life Sciences sector. It will be a unique opportunity to expand our network of contacts in the Biotech & Pharma world.

BIO Europe 2023 therefore proves to be the ideal environment to grow within the biopharma community and to stay updated on the latest industry highlights, but not only.

In fact, for our part, we look forward to seeing you to share our latest R&D projects:


  • COMMITMENT (Multifunctional Online Coaching Mediating Traditional Knitwear And Nudge Theory approach) – Smart T-shirts equipped with IoT sensors that aim to improve people’s well-being through constant and unobtrusive monitoring of health and well-being conditions. The project is based on nudge theory to provide personalized support that encourages healthier choices and behaviors, improving people’s overall well-being.


  • HeIps – A “Mobile Medical Assistant Robot” and HW-SW platform for continuous and accurate monitoring of users’ vital parameters. The project, derived from the results of COMMITMENT, focuses mainly on people who are elderly or suffer from serious health problems (cardiovascular disorders, dementia, oxygen deficiency), offering 24-hour assistance.

Join us for this opportunity for discovery and collaboration in Munich, where we can explore together the opportunities and innovations offered by Biopharma.