Thanks to funding obtained by Regione Emilia-Romagna through Bando per il sostegno a progetti di promozione dell’esportazione e partecipazione ad eventi fieristici in 2023, co-funded by Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale and Fondo di Coesione, MTM took part in the North Star Dubai 2023 exhibition event, which was held at Dubai Harbour from November 15 to 18, 2023. During the international event, MTM had the opportunity to present its COMMITMENT R&D project, focused on creating smart knitwear products equipped with IoT sensors for monitoring people’s health conditions.


Recipient: MTM S.r.l.

Initiative implemented under Priority Axis IRESEARCH, INNOVATION AND COMPETITIVENESS.

Goal: Support export promotion projects and participation in trade fair events in 2023

Action 1.3.2 Encouraging internationalization processes to strengthen competitiveness and attractiveness in the markets of the regional production system

Project Description: Participation in the North Star Dubai 2023 exhibition event and presentation of the COMMITMENT R&D project, concerning the creation of smart knitwear products equipped with IoT sensors for monitoring people’s health conditions.


Participation in North Star Dubai 2023 represented a key opportunity for MTM to achieve two primary objectives: consolidating its network by entering the UAE market, with prospects for expansion in the GCC, and promoting the excellence of “Made in Italy” innovation, spreading Italian technology on a global scale.

MTM has also dedicated considerable resources to the realization of two additional objectives: acquiring market knowledge and skills essential to operate in a dynamic context such as the GCC, and expanding its international presence in the Med-Tech, IoT, Agro and Energy sectors, renowned for substantial investments in advanced technologies and infrastructure to support business development, both nationally and internationally.


Participation in the international event significantly broadened MTM’s target market and facilitated the creation of strategic partnerships. MTM succeeded in attracting innovative companies with a focus on building strong and lasting relationships.

Through interaction with a wide range of incubators, accelerators and training programs, the company has woven a network of contacts that has aided the development of future innovative business ventures.

This approach facilitated the creation of open and transparent communication channels, helped reduce costs by incentivizing new investments, and led to an understanding of local regulations, market trends, and consumer preferences.

MTM used North Star as a tool for dissemination and awareness raising with respect to the results of the R&D project called COMMITMENT, which was selected by the Team based on the target sectors of the exhibition event.

Considering that the event focused mainly on ICT (Information and Communications Technology), with a special interest in the new areas of IoT (Internet of Things), MTM chose to illustrate its innovations in the Healthcare field with the COMMITMENT smart T-shirt. This wearable device is equipped with IoT sensors that enable constant monitoring of health and wellness conditions, leveraging Nudge Theory.

The decision to present the COMMITMENT project in Dubai was also driven by market studies and analysis that highlighted the UAE’s interest in technologies that can contribute to the growth of the Healthcare sector in the country.