MSE-6 Droid: Innovation and Workplace Safety.

As part of the HEiPS project (Healthcare Enhancement through Intelligent Personalized Solutions), conducted in collaboration with an international consortium of SMEs and innovative startups, MTM has developed the MSE-6 Droid. This intelligent robot, based on IoT technologies, is designed to uphold the highest safety standards in workplaces.

Hybrid Monitoring: Technological Advancement at the Core of MSE-6 Droid.

The MSE-6 Droid stands as a pinnacle of technological innovation. Equipped with Hybrid Monitoring technologies, it can traverse predefined paths while continuously monitoring and analyzing the surrounding environment through integrated Artificial Intelligence algorithms. With embedded cameras and strategically placed sensors, it can concurrently supervise workplace conditions, equipment status, and assess personnel environmental conditions such as air quality, lighting, and detect potential fire, smoke, or toxic gases.

Real-time Monitoring: a Dynamic Decision-making Framework.

Thanks to its real-time monitoring capabilities of environmental parameters and workplace conditions, the MSE-6 Droid sends sensor data notifications promptly to the cloud or mobile app. Leveraging integrated Machine Learning algorithms and data processing techniques, the system swiftly analyzes information (both data and images) to ensure maximum safety. In the event of anomalies like smoke detection or exceeding predefined safety thresholds, the MSE-6 Droid automatically activates the air filtration system and notifies operators, providing GPS coordinates for immediate intervention.

Versatility and Adaptability: Key Attributes of Droide MSE-6.

With its hybrid functionality, the MSE-6 Droid adapts to diverse work scenarios and can interface with fixed monitoring platforms, activating them as required. Its smooth mobility and obstacle detection capabilities make it ideal for navigating complex environments. Furthermore, it can be outfitted with specialized sensors for detecting specific chemicals, ensuring comprehensive safety coverage.

Watchman: the Evolution of MSE-6 Droid.

Watchman embodies the progress and evolution of MSE-6 Droid: the droid is the outcome of substantial enhancements in hydrogen leak detection sensors and open fire identification. This advanced iteration of the robot incorporates highly sensitive sensors, enabling more precise and timely detection of potential hydrogen leaks and fires in workplace environments.

With these improvements, Watchman emerges as a more reliable and effective solution for workplace safety.

HEiPS – MSE-6 Droid

Beneficiary: MTM S.r.l.

Initiative implemented under Axis I – Promoting the development and competitiveness of the Lombardy economic system

Objective: To foster the development of innovative solutions, products, and/or services centered on new skills and digital technologies as outlined in the National Transition Plan 4.0

Project Description: Development of an intelligent robot based on IoT technologies aimed at ensuring the highest safety standards in workplaces.

H2E – HEiPS Watchman

Beneficiary: MTM S.r.l.

Initiative carried out under the 2023 Lombardy Region “Filiere” Call“Innovation of processes and organization of production and service chains and productive and economic industrial ecosystems in Lombardy” (resolution no. 386) – 2023 Edition.

Objective: To support the establishment of new supply chains and ecosystems and the strengthening of existing ones by fostering interconnections between companies to drive process and organizational innovation, including digitalization interventions.

Project Description: Implementation of Watchman, the evolution of MSE-6 Droid, through the enhancement of sensors for detecting both hydrogen leaks and open fires.