MTM s.r.l. is pleased to announce that it has invested in innovative startup E-DWAY s.r.l. The Techinnova S.p.A. incubator, through its Innogrow acceleration program, also participated in the investment.

Why did we invest?

Reducing the environmental, social and economic impact of the transportation sector requires a range of practices and solutions aimed at achieving sustainable mobility. In this regard, in recent years, electric micro-mobility, a model that involves the use of the smallest and most versatile means of getting to one’s destination, thus making travel faster and more efficient, has emerged strongly.

It is against this backdrop that the mission of E-DWAY s.r.l. aimed at bringing to life a tourism made of sustainability, awareness and discovery of a wonderful territory. The innovative startup provides rental services of modern electric Vespas and electric scooters, creating an innovative way to explore Tuscany with total respect for nature, local culture and traditions.

Through a simple system of renting the 100% green vehicles via the special App “E-Dway Electric Mobility,” the startup offers the public the opportunity to independently choose their own itinerary or select one of the proposed Vespa Tours to enjoy a unique and unrepeatable experience. E-DWAY then decides to guide people on their journey through the free “E-Dway Experience” app, available in five languages for greater inclusiveness, which allows them to visit the best excellences in complete autonomy with videos, photos, text and 3D navigation.

The innovative startup firmly believes in technological innovation as a driving tool to produce sustainable social and environmental change, as evidenced by its decision to provide a new (tailored and green) tourism experience that embraced the world of IOT (Internet Of Things). With E-DWAY, people have the opportunity to get around with one of the undisputed symbols of Made in Italy, Vespa, in an eco-sustainable version of the vehicle that combines the classic shape with an electric motor, ensuring better performance and a CO2 emission of 0g/km. Choosing electric Vespa with E-DWAY means living an adventure in the name of Italian style, while conveying one’s green identity and respecting the surrounding area.

MTM s.r.l. is therefore honored to be able to accompany the startup on its journey of innovation, sustainability and respect. Good work to all, and in particular to the team of E-DWAY s.r.l.