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MTM Srl’s YlikaLab studies, designs and produces prototypes of highly innovative materials, with a strong emphasis on the circular economy and the reuse of organic materials derived from waste from industrial supply chains. The materials, which have been studied together with public and private industrial and research partners, find application in the medical, green building, fashion and design sectors.


In the perspective of Industry 4.0, the ESA (Electronics, Sensors and Arduino) laboratory studies and develops Internet of Things (IoT) solutions linked to the following sectors: medical, healthcare, green building, circular economy, agrifood, fashion and design.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary and multi-experiential approach, our researchers collaborate with companies and institutes to seek out new ways of approaching the complexity of existing systems, solving all sorts of industrial needs and requirements.


MTM Srl has a laboratory dedicated to the development of mathematical-statistical models both for its customers and for internal R&D projects. Among the software being developed, a prominent place is reserved for the one created within the ROG project: the software, in fact, is built on an algorithm that allows the transformation of 2D medical images into 3D images.

ReP3D Lab

MTM collaborates with highly innovative companies, institutes and universities and, in synergy with these partners, carries out R&D projects in the field of 3D printing technologies. In particular, MTM is part of projects involving the creation of three-dimensional medical mockups from 2D diagnostic images. 


The USIn Lab (User-System Interaction), specialised in use case analysis, studies and describes the scenario – or a related set of scenarios – through which a system and its users interact. More specifically, USIn Lab researchers build abstractions of use cases related to user needs and the solutions to be developed to improve the overall use of the platforms. The use-case modelling is fundamental in the early stages of a project’s lifecycle, given that it is the phase in which we construct representations of the project itself, explaining and communicating its fundamental requirements to all stakeholders: in particular, our researchers analyse, identify and describe the specific scenarios that users experience with the system, also taking into account a whole logic derived from the management of errors and alternative flows.


MTM Srl is a partner in the Circularponic project, born out of the futuristic vision of its member companies: Techinnova, Nutritech, Ric3D and Biotica. The synergy between these companies has resulted in projects related to precision agriculture and aquaponics for the production of fruit, vegetables and fish with zero impact. The activities developed in this laboratory make unprecedented use of the tools provided by IoT (Internet of Things) and Cyber Security. The aim of the activities is to create R&D projects based on the principles of the green economy.