Over the past week, between July 27 and 29, MTM’s Team headed to Miami (Florida, USA) to participate in the 31st edition of FIME – Florida International Medical Expo, a must-attend event for life sciences experts and professionals – a sector in which the U.S. is the world leader, covering the 58% of the market with a turnover of 137.6 billion in 2021.

At the expo, MTM’s Team, as part of the European delegation headed by EIC – Overseas Trade Fairs 2.0, had the chance to connect with thousands of medical device and equipment manufacturers and suppliers, retailers, distributors and healthcare professionals capable of enhancing and optimizing the fruitful networking and business opportunities.


With regard to the MedTech sector, MTM presented its latest medical R&D project, ROG (Real Organ Generation). Visitors were offered the opportunity to experience our high-tech software platform, featuring Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies, and aimed at not only educational and training paths, but also diagnosis and surgical simulation. The “testers” were given the opportunity to dive into a 360-degree virtual environment in which they could interact with organs and instruments in the operating room. It was enough to wear a helmet and grab a pair of triggers, and then start operating in a virtual environment as real surgeons equipped with scalpels and surgical scissors.

As for the Healthcare & Well-being field, the event also offered MTM’s Team a valuable opportunity to introduce its COMMITMENT project to the important attending audience. COMMITMENT aims at improving the wellness of several categories of citizens through the development of smart T-shirts equipped with IoT sensors that can constantly monitor a person’s health and wellness conditions. Through an advanced online coaching system, the project seeks to keep more people active and healthy through advice that serves as motivational sources for them to make conscious and effective lifestyle changes on their own (Nudge Theory).


On the business side, the three-day event proved to be an excellent networking opportunity. Indeed, the event brought together more than 700 exhibitors from more than 45 countries – including national pavilions to present cutting-edge innovations and device solutions – and more than 12,600 on-site visitors, thus becoming an important driver for the exploration of new ideas and the discovery of the latest technologies, in the medical and healthcare sectors.


Ultimately, FIME 2022 proved to be an excellent opportunity for MTM to learn more about foreign trends in setting up new R&D equipment to meet current needs, as well as to build possible new collaborative relationships in the joint development of current and future R&D projects.