While attending BIO 2024, we are having the opportunity to take part in a B2B session with North American experts. Indeed, we have been invited for an exclusive tour alongside renowned EU vendors and manufacturers, providing us with valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations shaping the global biotech industry.

The experiences for MTM as one of the 15 EIC-funded companies is proving to be phenomenal, filled with networking opportunities, insightful world-class presentations, and exciting visits to the EU & Associate exhibitors’ pavilions.

Key Highlights so Far:

  • Engaging in B2B Meetings: We are having the honor to take part in impactful B2B discussions, building valuable relationships with industry figures and potential partners.
  • Insightful Workshops: Dedicated workshops are giving us valuable insights into the latest industry trends and technological breakthroughs.
  • Exploring the European Pavilion: Discovering the EIC & Associate exhibitors’ pavilions is proving to be a truly exciting experience, showcasing state-of-the-art innovations from across the world.
  • Networking and Presenting: Active participation in networking and presentation events is allowing us to share our vision and connect with fellow innovators.
  • Meeting Innovation Leaders: We are having the unique opportunity to engage with some of the most influential global innovators in the biotech field. These encounters are not only expanding our network but also paving the way for potential collaborations with global innovation leaders.

How to reach the USA market: The European Innovation Council supports its beneficiaries to promote their commercialisation strategy in foreign markets and leverage business opportunities at the most popular trade fairs, strengthening the EU innovation brand around the world. Through its International Trade Fairs and USA Soft-landing Programme 3.0, EIC beneficiaries access the opportunity to attend 12 international trade fairs across different sectors, in particular: BioTech & Pharma, Health & Medical Care, Clean Tech Environment and Energy, and New technologies & Industrial technologies.

What’s next: We’re eager about the opportunities on the horizon, as we continue to showcase our dedication to innovation, collaboration, and progress within the ever-evolving biotech sector.

Follow our journey live from BIO 2024!