MTM S.r.l. | R&D Projects



Development of smart T-shirts equipped with IoT sensors for constant monitoring of health and wellness conditions.


Implementation of an integrated pilot plant station with monitoring systems functional to the aquaponic production chain for a transition towards circular economy models. Added value: Design and implementation of a prototype traceability system based on blockchain.

Creation of an app offering tailor-made routes to tourists using mixed reality technologies and an orginal GPS system.

Implementation of a graphic interface for visualisation and manipulation of organs to support the diagnostic and training activities of medical staff.

Development of an aquaponic plant station capable of producing marketable output from the reuse and conversion of industrial by-products.

Development of software and hardware components for 3D digital modelling of the heart.

Research and development of innovative resin materials for the creation – from 2D diagnostic images provided by project partner hospitals – of 3D medical mockups of the heart, simulating its actual size and physical properties.

Development of an intelligent robot based on IoT technologies aimed at ensuring the highest safety standards in workplaces.

Participation in the North Star Dubai 2023 exhibition event and presentation of the COMMITMENT R&D project, concerning the creation of smart knitwear products equipped with IoT sensors for monitoring people’s health conditions.


Development of an intelligent infrastructure capable of offering remote assistance for fall monitoring in a domestic environment.

Creation of a network of psychologists and counselors ready to offer a support service to the families of ALS or SMA patients.

Creation of full-size 3D medical mockups from 2D diagnostic images provided by project partner hospitals.